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Alstom launches the ECO 110 wind turbine - A 3MW turbine with a rotor of 110 metres to maximize energy yield on low to medium wind sites

Alstom, a global leader in power generation, today announces the market introduction of its 3MW ECO 110 wind turbine, one of the most powerful onshore wind turbines in the world, specifically designed to ensure the highest energy production on low to medium wind speed sites throughout Europe and worldwide.

The ECO 110 features a 110m-rotor diameter, one of the largest rotors available today for onshore applications – to capture even greater amounts of wind on a given site, maximizing the energy yield of the turbine.

The ECO 110 can produce enough energy for 2000 households, and avoid the production of 7000 tonnes a year of CO2. Its 53 metre-long blades, over half a soccer field long, have been designed to capture more power more effectively. This means fewer turbines and less land space are required to generate the same amount of power.

Alstom’s wind turbines are based upon the unique ALSTOM PURE TORQUE ™ rotor support concept, which protects the gearbox and other drive train components from deflection loads.

The concept fully separates the gearbox from the supporting structure ensuring that only torque is transmitted through the shaft to the gearbox, and all deflection loads are transmitted directly to the tower. While most conventional rotor support concepts tend to turn gearboxes into consumables, ALSTOM PURE TORQUE ™ continuously delivers higher gearbox reliability, higher operational availability, and lower maintenance costs. Alstom is confident that the majority of its wind turbines could operate with their original gearbox for their whole design lifetime.

The ECO 110 has been designed to reduce its installation, operation and maintenance costs. Its modular design allows the use of industry standard transport and installation equipment. The ergonomic design of its nacelle leaves room to perform easy maintenance of all components, and allows direct access from the nacelle to the hub.

The ECO 110 has been designed to also minimize noise emission. By keeping the rotor speed below 13.7 rotations per minute, Alstom Wind’s innovation team has designed one of the most silent wind turbines available on the market. With its low noise emission, the ECO 110 is ready to contribute to the continuous and harmonious development of onshore wind power, particularly in Europe where this parameter is becoming critical.

Second model of new product platform
The ECO 110 is the second model of Alstom’s new 3MW ECO 100 platform, which represents a major advance in turbine power capacity and higher energy yield. With their 100m and 110m rotor diameters respectively, the ECO 100, suitable for medium to high wind speeds, and now the ECO 110, are at the forefront of the emerging 3MW onshore wind turbine technology becoming the new market standard, particularly in Europe.

The first ECO 110 unit was installed in autumn 2009 at the Loma Viso II wind farm in Albacete, Spain. The turbine received the statement of compliance for the design assessment from DEWI-OCC* in March 2010.

The first commercial ECO 100 wind farm, featuring a 100m rotor diameter, was inaugurated in October 2009 at Le Vieux Moulin in France (6xECO 100). An additional 63 MW are currently under construction in three other wind farms, also in France. The very first ECO 100, installed in El Perelló, in Tarragona, Spain, has now accumulated over 2 years of successful operational experience in a very windy and turbulent site.

“With the commercial introduction of the ECO 100 wind turbine last year, and now the ECO 110, Alstom confirms its determination to lead the field in large onshore wind turbines with advanced design, robust technology and proven reliability. Our ongoing investment in this new generation of turbines provides our customers with powerful, efficient and flexible options that open up new opportunities for wind farm development across Europe and the world,” says Alfonso Faubel, Alstom Wind Vice President.

Source : Communiqué ALSTOM POWER

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