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GE Steam Turbine Technology Shortlisted for Concentrated Solar Power Award

GE Oil & Gas’ advanced steam turbine technology has been selected as a finalist in CSP Today’s concentrated solar power (CSP) awards competition being held in Seville, Spain on November 11th during the 3rd EU Concentrated Solar Thermal Power Summit.

GE Oil & Gas is shortlisted in the ‘best applied research and development’ category for its innovative steam turbine technology that is driving several successful CSP projects in Spain.

Specifically, GE is developing more robust steam turbines to improve the overall efficiency and reliability of parabolic-trough and solar tower-mirrored CSP plants. This is particularly important because CSP plants shut down when the sun sets and restart when the sun rises. Consequently, CSP steam turbines must be able to withstand a wide steam-flow range and extremely high number of start-up/shut-down cycles – ten times the number in traditional turbine applications.

In addition to the challenging mechanical design of the machine, the market also requires high values of efficiency comparable to large electricity production plants. The advanced mechanical design of GE Oil & Gas steam turbines enables CSP customers to benefit from all of these capabilities in one single solution.

Robert Moreau, Industrial Power Generation Platform Manager at GE Oil & Gas said: “We are delighted to have been selected as a finalist for a CSP Today award. Our steam turbine technology is playing an important role in the continued development of CSP projects in Spain and other countries seeking innovative solutions to address their renewable energy production objectives.”

Since 2007, GE’s steam turbine technology has powered Abengoa S.A.’s 11-MW, PS10 plant in Seville, representing Europe’s largest power tower CSP facility. GE’s technology is also supporting several other CSP projects in Spain, including Acciona Energy’s Palma Del Rio I and II plants and several new plants under construction throughout the Murcia region.

CSP Today, the leading provider of information about the CSP industry, is sponsoring the summit’s inaugural technology awards program, which will showcase the European Union’s top CSP applications. The summit will convene more than 500 representatives of leading companies and governments involved in promoting the use of CSP technologies around the world.

Source : Communiqué GE

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